Apollo Gate Openers

At Sentry Garage Door & Gates, we cater to the needs of clients who have Apollo gate openers installed on their residential and commercial premises. We can help you repair, replace, or install. We are a leading door and gate company in Houston; get in touch with us to meet your door and gate needs today!
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    Sentry Gate repairs all Apollo gate openers.
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    Sentry designs, builds, & repairs Apollo gate openers.
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    Apollo driveway gate openers sales, service, & repair.
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    Apollo security gate opener repair, service, & installation.

    Apollo Repairs

    Are you having a problem with an Apollo gate opener? Does the gate open and close too quickly? Is there any problem with the remote-control device? We can help! At Sentry Garage Door & Gates, we help you protect your investment. By offering Apollo Apollo gate opener repair services that suit both your budget and your needs.

    By fixing gate opener problems immediately, you can avoid expensive repairs and have peace of mind because we offer a fast gate and door repair service to help you keep the premises safe and secured. We understand that safety is a top priority for everyone.

    Hence, we offer emergency services, so you do not have to wait for the next day to get the gates repaired. If you have problems with the gate opener, give us a call immediately and a technician will arrive quickly.


    Apollo Replacements

    Apollo gate openers working components

    Ar you trying to get a gate opener fixed? Homeowners cannot reverse some damages, and the only way out is to get the gate opener replaced. If this is the situation with you, call our team at once. We offer valuable advice regarding repairing and replacement of gate openers.

    We specialize in Apollo gate openers, so we can help you get any gate openers replaced quickly and efficiently. At Sentry Garage Door & Gates, we offer gate openers for swing gates and slide gates. Also, we offer a wide variety of accessories, so no matter your needs, we’ll come prepared and offer you the best solutions. Whether you need to replace some parts or replace the entire gate, you can count on us. We bank on our years of experience and offer guaranteed satisfaction for both residential and commercial clients.

    Apollo Gate Openers

    Apollo openers are available for an extensive range of gates. Because they allow gates to be controlled by homeowners with remote control devices. These are intricate systems that need professional training and an eye-for-detail to be properly installed. At Sentry Garage Door & Gates, we understand how Apollo gate openers work. Because, we have the necessary expertise to get them installed correctly at the first attempt. And because our team is equipped with the right tools for the job. To ensure the smooth and hassle-free installation. Installation of residential gates and apartment gates.

    We understand that each client’s needs and requirements differ when it comes to the door and gate installation. Hence, our team of door and gate experts analyzes the clients’ specific requirements before installing an Apollo gate opener. In other words, it makes entry and exits more convenient. Install a gate that integrates Apollo into its system and improves your property’s value and curb appeal.