Professional Garage Door Opener Repair Technicians

Having a garage door opener out of service can be a detriment to your home. And a major inconvenience. If you are having difficulty getting into your home because your garage door opener. Does not work. You don’t want to wait until the next day to have it fixed. That is easier said than done. You may find it difficult to find a garage door opener repair company during off-hours. Not with Sentry garage door and iron gates Houston. Because we know your time is valuable we are able to offer fast service. Seven days a week fast garage door opener repair. On any type of garage door opener!

Our company professionals are available to assist with any type of garage door issue. The technicians that we have on staff are able to service a wide range of local communities. All across Houston. We stand ready for your call today. So that we can service our customers better.

Our garage door opener repair with fast service does not require any type of extra fee. With our technicians providing 5 to 6 completed repairs each day, every day, we can always schedule extra time for emergency repairs. We have a checklist of items that we can go through quickly to see what could be preventing your garage door opener from working.

Each one of our service trucks comes well stocked and ready for dispatch immediately. They carry a wide range of manufacturer specific parts and repair items. Instead of having to make multiple service calls we have confidence knowing that we have all the parts on hand to fix your issue. Resulting in getting you back up and running no matter what time of day.

Some of the most common issues that we provide with fast service for garage door openers include:

Blocked sensors

If your garage door sensors are malfunctioning or there is a blockage with your sensor, your garage or simply won’t open. Checking the sensor as well as performing a quick clean will help to ensure that your garage door isn’t impeded. Or blocked by a poorly performing sensor. We carry all the required cleaning materials as well as extra sensor modules to get you back up and running.


Sometimes a malfunctioning remote could be all that’s keeping you from opening your garage door. We can keep extra remotes for a variety of manufacturers as well as reprogram remote to ensure that your garage door will open once again. We also stock a number of different batteries on our trucks. So we are able to perform simple battery replacement on the spot.


When your garage door drags on the way up and down there is a good chance that there is excessive noise being caused by your garage door. If objects are getting stuck in the rails or you are experiencing an abnormally loud garage door opening. It can be relatively tough to know what is going on. If your garage door is making an awful noise call us at any time and we can do a quick fix. A quick garage door opener repair fix. By balancing the rails or removing any of the items that could be stuck in the garage door rails.

Stuck Door – Is It the Opener or The Door Itself

When your garage door is stuck halfway up. It could be a problem when it comes actually closing the door. And securing your property. Our staff will arrive on site to assess the quality of your motor. check to see if there is anything stuck in the rails or any type of problem with the limits on your garage door opener. We can do our best to clear out any of the simple issues that could be preventing your door from opening or closing and advise replacement if necessary.

Garage closing too quickly

As spring starts to wear out or the mechanism in your garage door breaks, there can be problems when it comes to your garage door closing too quickly. We can assess the springs and the mechanism within your garage door opener to control the speed at which your garage door closes. If your garage door continues to close to quickly this could potentially damage the motor. As well as the main door itself. Rather than risk the safety of your family or damaging your garage door we can get this under control quickly.

Door Automatically Reverses

A setting which causes your garage door to close fully and then opening can be of a result of a close for setting. During the garage door opener repair process, we inspect everything. We can inspect your garage door for various debris as well as make sure that the ground settings on your garage door are accurate. Rather than dealing with a consistently frustrating opening and closing garage door. We can make the adjustments to secure your property.

Garage Door Stuck Closed

When your spring has broken or your garage door has been damaged in an accident. The result can keep your garage door stuck, & closed. Moving a garage door with a broken spring or damage mechanism can be extremely hazardous, and difficult. When your garage door is stuck closed and you’re unable to move it manually. Contact our staff today and we can arrive on site for your repair.

For all of your garage door repair needs in Houston, trust the professionals at Sentry Garage Door & Gates opener repair service. Our staff is proud to the best service for all of our garage door repairs and more. Contact us today to learn more about the process of garage door repair. And don’t forget to tell your family and friend about Sentry Garage Door & Gates.