Frequently Asked Garage Door & Gate Questions

  1. How Should I Remove the Torsion Springs When Replacing My Old Garage Door in Houston TX?

Torsion springs operate under enormous tension. This is why trying to remove them without proper tools and training can be very dangerous. If you still attempt to do this on your own, make sure you have the right tools and a first-hand experience of removing torsion springs. Otherwise, you could end up with a serious injury or even risk losing your life. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional garage door repair company to get this done.

  1. How to Know If I Really Need to Replace My Garage Door?

While it’s obvious that your garage door is going to get scratches and dents over time, there are a few signs that indicate a garage door replacement is in order. If you face any of the following issues, you need a new garage door:

  • It doesn’t open or close, or does so only partially
  • It makes a loud grinding noise during operation
  • You are having to make frequent or expensive repairs
  • The material it’s made of (wood or metal) is worn out
  1. Why Do I Need to Hire a Professional Garage Door Installer?

Installing a garage door is highly technical in nature and requires specific tools and knowledge. Without this, you not only stand the chance of getting seriously injured but the installation will be of subpar quality too. This can pose a safety risk for users later on. Because garage doors stand out as one of the largest features of your building’s exterior, a poorly installed garage door is hard to miss. These are some of the reasons why it’s best to let a pro install your garage door.

  1. What Type of Garage Door Opener Would Be Best for My Garage Door?

To pick the right garage door opener for your home, you need to consider the type of drive the garage door opener will be operating on. There are three types of drives you can choose from — chain, belt and screw. The best garage door opener for you would be the one that fits your budget and specific requirements.

  1. Can I Program the Garage Door Opener to My Vehicle?

Yes, but you need to have a built in transmitter in your vehicle. For configuring the garage door opener with your vehicle, you need to follow the owner’s manual because the process may vary from one manufacturer to another.

  1. What Types of Gate Openers are There and Which is the Best?

There are many different types of gate openers available, for instance, the push-button remote type, keypad-secured opener, Bluetooth remote, infrared sensors, to name a few. Garage door openers are not one-size-fits-all devices. Therefore, the best choice for you would depend on your specific needs. We believe and recommend that you should research your options and match them with your requirements before investing in one.

  1. Should I Get an Automated Gate?

If your budget permits, an automatic gate Houston TX opener system is definitely a great choice. Installing one not only makes vehicle entry and exit more convenient but in certain ways, even more secure than a regular gate. But if you’re not ready for such investment just yet, don’t worry. It’s possible to get one installed later as most gate types can be fitted with an automatic opener.

  1. I Want to Program My New Gate Remote. How Can I Do It?

Gate openers come with a learn button which helps you program a new gate remote. To locate it, remove the light cover on the gate opener. When you are ready to program a new gate remote into the system, hold the learn button until the LED indicator next to it starts blinking. Once this happens, press the button on your remote. If the door moves when you press the new gate remote, you’ve done it right.

  1. What Things Should I Consider When Getting a Swing Gate Operator For Wrought Iron Swing Gates?

The most important factor to consider is the length and height of the swing gates. Your choice of swing gate operator or opener should also depend on whether it is a single swing gate or dual swing gate. Wrought iron swing gates are long and heavy, so heavy-duty gate openers are best for them. Light-duty electric gates work great for narrower gates made of lighter material.

  1. What are Safety Loop Sensors in a Swing Gate?

Safety loop sensors are an important part of swing gates. They not only control the opening and closing of the gates, but also prevent a gate from closing on a vehicle in the pathway. They are typically placed 4-5 feet away from the gate on the inside and outside of the gate. Also called reverse loops, they re-open a closing gate whenever the sensors are tripped over.

  1. Should I Get Battery Back-Up Systems Installed?

Yes. In fact, we recommend doing so in order to keep your gate opener working even during a power cut.

  1. Will I Need To Be Home For a Service Call?

No, you don’t. Our gate technicians are troubleshooting experts who can identify and make the necessary fixes right on the spot. But at the same time, if you are present, it just makes it easier for us to know what’s troubling you so the repair can be done sooner. Plus, for service calls, we need to have access to your property and it helps if you are home to let us in.

  1. Do You Fix a Sagging Gate?

Of course, we do. We do all kinds of driveway gate repairs in Houston, including a sagging gate, which is a common issue our customers come to us with. Our sagging gate repair leaves your gates looking like new. Besides sagging gates, we have an excellent reputation for fixing sliding gate tracks and any other problem with gates and gate openers.

  1. Do You Service and Repair Fences?

Yes, we do. Besides gates, we also specialize in fence repair, installation and service for residential as well as commercial property owners in Houston. You can give us a call us for a free estimate.

  1. How Important is Gate Maintenance?

While we are always there to fix any gate related problems you may be facing, it’s more advisable to take steps to prevent these problems from occurring. Routine gate maintenance plays a major role in preventing minor issues from snowballing into bigger problems. This is why we offer maintenance packages to our customers to help extend the life of their gates, openers, and other gate parts.