BBB A+ Rated Commercial Overhead Doors & Gates Since 1999

Sentry Garage Door and Gates is dedicated to delivering support for commercial businesses throughout Houston. Our staff can identify some of the best commercial overhead door & security gate solutions. Solutions that will suit your budget, and the needs of your business. A commercial overhead door solution that matches the look of you property!

A commercial door not only improves the security of a business but it can enhance the ability that a business has when serving its clients. When meeting the needs of your business and creating new solutions for your commercial property, we at Sentry Garage Door and Gates can deliver reliable solutions which you can stand behind.

Commercial overhead doors BBB logo Sentry Garage Door and Gates has a wide inventory of overhead doors with commercial ratings. No matter what size commercial overhead door you may need at a storage facility or factory, we can create a solution for your needs. Whether you need a new installation or support for your existing commercial garage door, our staff is extremely knowledgeable and ready to work at every location we arrive at. Our commercial overhead door solutions can provide many years of reliable operation and can be made to suit almost any facility.

In the past we have worked to provide support for storage facilities, docks, warehouses, grocery stores, factories and more. All of our commercial garage door models contain 26 gauge or 16 gauge steel which is measured for strength values between an R value of 5 to 17.3. With our technical expertise as well as our staff of research and development experts, we can deliver a valuable product for the needs of your business.

Emergency Houston Commercial Overhead Doors Service

We have many other products available in our inventory. With a wide range of industrial and commercial products. Sentry Garage Door and Gates is a company you can trust. Because of our focus safety, quality and the extreme expertise of our skilled technicians. Sentry Garage Door and Gates is fully insured. Meeting each of our customers protection needs. Safety with your garage door or industrial overhead door is our top concern. Installation technicians and customer service experts. We will take the time to explain each installation to you, complete the proper installation process by the book and in the most efficient way possible as well as complete all applicable testing. Your commercial overhead door will be functioning as normal after our installation or repair. We can provide an automatic opener or trouble-free control panel to suit your needs.

We will do our part to make sure that every overhead door and commercial garage door opener is operating effectively and safely. Our Houston commercial door team can also provide troubleshooting and support through our emergency service and our comprehensive warranty system. If we have performed repairs or a new installation for your needs, we can deliver trouble free service. This consistently ensures that you’re opener operates to the fullest of safety concerns.

Commercial Overhead Doors – Installation & Service

We not only provide installation on a wide range of inventory that we have for commercial overhead doors. We can deliver a wide variance when it comes to the finishes. Resulting in the best fit of your commercial overhead door. Here are some of the top considerations to keep in mind for your overhead door installation process:

Commercial Overhead Doors – Safety features

We can install rated safety features which can protect your employees. Our safety features and garage doors are completely backed up by various warranties. And we can perform all maintenance requirements based off of your future needs.

Commercial Overhead Doors – Bumpers & Seals

Dock levelers, bumpers and seals. We can install professional seals, bumpers and dock levelers for full-scale commercial businesses. With our commercial installations you can handle loading and unloading of trucks, the perfect insulation for your loading dock and more. Fire doors and shutters. We can include the installation of shutters and fire doors. To help you prepare for the worst case scenario. High speed doors. We install high-speed doors which are capable of opening very quickly. Our high speed doors offer fantastic support for securing your business while maintaining convenience. Many large-scale commercial doors can take minutes to open rather than seconds. But with our high-speed model openers, you can open your commercial doors with confidence.

Doors Powered By…

Commercial door motors. We offer installation, repair and support for a wide range of commercial door motors. With our commercial door motor installations, you can make sure that even stick gauge commercial doors will open with ease. These fully up gradable garage door installations are far more powerful than the average residential garage door opener. With our manufacturer relationships you can ensure that each of our commercial door motors comes with full warranties and support for the future.

Rolling & Steel Commercial Doors

Rolling steel storage doors. Our rolling steel storage doors can offer you the maximum insecurity and function. These rolling doors functioned flawlessly and also feature some of the strongest materials from a commercial garage door. Installing some of these doors into your business could ensure that you have a high-quality commercial garage door that can stand for the longest amount of time and for the most durable of uses. Rolling steel Grilles. We install rolling steel grills to offer you a secondary level of support or a way that you can control the temperature within your building. With a secondary support of rolling steel grills you can keep your garage door open without having to worry about the safety of your property. Industrial rolling steel grills can also provide extra support for your garage door.

Security Commercial Overhead Doors

Security gates: secure your commercial business with professional security gates. As garage door and gate experts we can provide insulation for swinging gates, sliding gates and other security solutions for your property. Emergency support: on all of our garage door and gate installations, we provide emergency support. Our emergency services ensure that we can deliver a top quality and trouble free repair service. Our technicians remain on call with fully loaded service trucks. If you are having problems with your commercial garage door or any type of commercial security installation, we can come out and provide professional support for your needs. We understand that a broken garage door or security gate could cripple a business and this is why we maintain fast service times.

If you need installation, repair or maintenance on a commercial garage door in the greater Houston area, contact Sentry Garage Door and Gates today. Our technicians are standing by for all of your commercial garage door or gate needs.