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Sentry Garage Door and Gates Driveway Gate Company. The #1 choice for driveway gates since 1999. Our number one goal has always been to maintain a higher standard. We have done this by providing top-quality products and the best customer service. We specialize in driveway gates for residential, multi-family, commercial, and industrial applications. With one call, you will know you are in good hands with Sentry Garage Door and Gates.
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    Driveway Gates Add Value To Any Home

    Driveway gate Houston photo gallery button You are adding value to your home. Because an automatic driveway gate comes with its level of prestige. As you pull up to your home, you could have your gate automatically open. Open as you slowly drive your car down the driveway. Consequently, a Houston driveway gate can be an awe-inspiring feature if you plan on selling your home.

    Iron Gates – Wrought iron gates come in many styles. Therefore, an iron gate can match the exterior of your home. As well as give you several different looks for your home’s exterior. Also, adding in a private gate entrance can change the entire look of your home. And as a result help you showcase your style.

    Automatic Gates – Automatic gates are strong! With the right opener, an automatic gate can be extremely reliable. The strength of an automatic gate can also protect your home’s exterior. Automatic driveway gates come with keypads or in-car openers to secure your valuables. Moreover the gate itself will deter crime and prevent trespassing.

    Gate Openers – Because if you already have a gate on your property, installing an automatic gate opener will ensure that you can quickly gain access to your property. For instance, no more inconvenient getting out of your car or having to go out to let guests into your property.

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    Driveway Gate Options and Advantages

    Sliding Driveway Gates

    A sliding driveway gate can be a stunning addition to the front of your home. If you have a gate previously installed or you require a gate and sliding opener installed. So, contact Sentry Driveway Gates today. Also, here are some of the top reasons why you should consider securing your property with a sliding driveway gate:

    Reliability and Profile

    Sliding Driveway Gates come with many safeguards that can make them an excellent option for an automatic gate. While automatic gate openers that swing and can be elegant. Sliding driveway gates often require less energy. And offer a better track record of reliability. We can create low profile sliding driveway gates in such a way that the gate can virtually disappear. These gates can disappear into walls with low-profile materials. Thus, making them an ideal option for taking up less space.

    Enhanced Security

    A sliding driveway gate with a LiftMaster gate opener will provide more protection for your property and act as a colossal crime deterrent. Installing a sliding gate on your commercial property or residential property could be an ideal security solution. One of the most common reasons we install driveway gates for our clients is to increase security.


    Just seeing a sliding gate or security gate at a property can be enough to thwart a potential criminal or trespasser. Chain link gates have the same effect. With a large enough gate, you can protect your property now & into the future. You are ensuring that nobody would even attempt to make their way onto your premises.

    Stopping Solicitors

    A gate with an intercom can be a great way to stop solicitors from making their way onto your property. Having a CCTV system or intercom will ensure that any visitor to your home has to announce themselves before stepping onto your property. Therefore, a CCTV system can be a great way to control solicitors and unwanted visitors to your property.

    Adaptive Security

    By installing gates that open with a pin code, you can consistently change the security pin on your gate. With a keypad on your entrance, you can give guests a one-day code. And then clear the keypad back for regular use. You are ensuring proper security while adding convenience for significant events. So, check out our BBB rating as it compares to other accredited gate companies in Houston. Then give us a call.