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    Houston Gate Openers by Sentry Garage Door & Gates

    Most gate openers feature a mechanized arm capable of opening and closing the gate in various directions, depending on the gate type and your preferred opening method. The operation begins when a signal is sent from the access control panel.

    Access control panels vary depending on the gate operator, and the control signal is transmitted from a key fob or a remote-control keypad. With the keypad option, you simply enter a code to open or close the gate. This feature simplifies operation for visitors, allowing easy access to your property while enhancing security.

    Gate Openers Houston TX Gates & Openers

    In Houston, TX, gate openers also include an additional security feature: automatic reverse. This function activates if the gate encounters an obstacle or is obstructed, ensuring the mechanism does not suffer damage.

    Garage and gate openers operate similarly. Both systems use a motor that sends a message to the control box, triggering the gate or garage door to move. Pressing the button again stops the gate or door.

    Gates Openers Houston Systems Requirements

    Most gate opening systems are compatible with various gate types, including the popular “swing gates” and “sliding gates.” The gate openers we install are designed to accommodate specific weights and sizes.


    In terms of mechanics, swing gates typically use electromechanical or electrohydraulic systems. Electromechanical systems are ideal for residential use, while hydraulic systems are better suited for commercial applications due to their strength, with hydraulic operators mounted on the gate’s sides for enhanced durability.

    Gate Openers Questions & Answers

    Before installing an electric gate opener, several factors are considered. These include whether the gate is already installed, if it can operate freely on its hinges, and if it has necessary structural supports like horizontal cross members to maintain stability and levelness. These considerations help determine the suitability of your gate for an electric opener and the type of opener required.