Gate Openers Professional Service and Installation

Sentry Garage Door and Gated can provide you with a reliable gate opener to protect your property. The gate openers we sell and install are easy to operate. There is almost zero maintenance, and they run smoothly for a long time. So, call us today to talk directly to a gate opener expert.

Houston's Most Dependable Gate Opener Service

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Sentry Gates repairs all automatic gate openers.
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Sentry designs, builds, & repairs electric gate openers.
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Swing & sliding driveway gate opener service, & repair.
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Electric security gate opener repair, service, & installation.

Most Trusted Driveway Gate Brands

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LiftMaster Operators

Featuring myQ Connectivity LiftMaster is the top of the line and the brand we recommend the most. LiftMaster designs and delivers the safest, smartest driveway gate solutions.
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Viking Access Systems

Access control of pedestrian and vehicle accesses for residential and commercial applications. They offer an efficient and intelligent line of gate operators.
Eagle access control systems logo.

Eagle Gate Operators

Rugged, durable, and user friendly. The industry’s Best-in-Class warranty backs every Eagle Gate Operator, and I phone compatible remote.
Elite gate operators logo.

Elite Gate Operators

Known for their solar and energy-efficient gate operators. An excellent option for swing gates, telephone entry systems, and slide entry gate systems.
DKS Door King logo.

DKS Door King

DKS products are American made and engineered to pass stringent safety standard guidelines. Thus, ensuring users are not harmed by the gate operator.
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US Automatic Operators

Made in the USA, offering slide, swing, and solar operators for home, farm, or ranch. An access control system that you may receive a 30% solar tax credit after installation.
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Apollo Gate Operators

All Nice Apollo Gate Openers are assembled in the USA. They feature swing gate operators, slide gate operators, barrier arm operators, replacement parts, and accessories.
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BFT Operators

BFT offers an exquisite product line for ease of use and customer satisfaction. They feature exclusive slide, swing, and hydraulic Solar Kit packages.
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Linear Operators

Packed with value and durability, Linear operators are fully supported by a nationwide support team committed to customer satisfaction.

How Our Houston Gate Openers Operate

Most gate openers have a mechanized arm. Because the arm can lift the gate open and closed in several different directions depending on the type of gate you have. As well as the way you would like it to open. The process starts by sending a signal directly from the access control panel.

Access control panels can vary based on the type of gate operator. The control signal is sent from a key fob (or a full remote-control keypad). So, with the keypad option, you enter a code to close or open the gate. Consequently, his added feature can make it simple for visitors to know how to operate the gate and gain access to your property. You are also providing added assurance of entry.

Gate Openers Houston TX Gates & Openers

As an additional security feature, your gate can provide automatic reverse. In case it happens to hit an obstacle or remain obstructed. As a result, having access to these safety features ensures that your device does not risk a breakage.

Garage and gate openers are relatively simple. In fact, there is not a big difference between the motor or operation for these systems. Because, like a garage opener, the receiver will send a message directly to the control box, activating the gate. Then, you can stop the gate (or garage door) by pressing the button again.

Gates Openers Houston Systems Requirements

Most gate opening devices work with almost any type of gate. For instance, the two most popular gates we work with are “swing gates” and “sliding gates.” And, the gate openers that we install are all designed with the idea of a certain weight and size accommodation.


Swing gate electromechanical systems, or electrohydraulic systems, usually operate a swing Gate. Therefore, electromechanical equipment is ideal for many family residences. In contrast, hydraulic equipment is mostly for commercial use. Also, with a hydraulic operator, posts are attached to the sides of the gate and a cross-member is welded onto the gate to ensure maximum strength.

Gate Openers Questions & Answers

Several central questions our service professionals ask when they arrive on site. First, is the gate is already installed. Secondly, will the gate qualify for an electric gate opener. Therefore, most well-made gates need to be able to swing freely on their hinges. Furthermore, the gate needs to have horizontal cross members for stability. And finally, it does not drag and is level. So, all of these factors will determine the eligibility for your gate opener and what type of unique gate opener you might require for installation needs.