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Our HOA started using Sentry Garage Door & Gates in early 2017 for service on our community gates after years of frustration with other providers. The entire Sentry team has been a breathe of fresh air. We have been impressed with the quality of their service, integrity, knowledge and professionalism.

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Sentry garage door & gate 5 star review icon

I’ve had Sentry help me about 4 times in the past four years. Once for a new garage door opener, once for new gate openers, and twice for maintenance/problem solving of my gate. Greg and his team is professional, courteous, and especially prompt! Twice they came to my house same day! Their pricing is fair, and overall I have always had a good experience. I recommend this company 100%!

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Sentry garage door & gate 5 star review icon

“Wonderful experience! We were very pleased with the service and cost for our repair job! The previous reviewers hit the nail on the head…Michael is a great guy, who really knows his job and how to treat clients! Highly Recommended!!!”

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If you have decided to install a front entrance gate or some type of driveway gate. It’s extremely important that you get the right gate openers Houston equipment. If you have any gate on your property having access to an electric gate opener can be a great way that you Gate openers Houston TX BBB A+ Rating Logocan easily open it and keep your property secure. Automating the front of your residential gate offers the best in convenience.

Choosing the right model gate opener that will actually support the weight of your gate is extremely important. By working with the professionals at Houston garage door and gate can help you to get access to the best gate openers for your needs. Thus avoiding gate openers repair in the future.

Gate Openers Houston – Style Of Your Gate

If you have a swinging gate or sliding gate there is a chance that you’re going to need to have a different type of opener. Automated gate openers for a sliding gate uses a chain drive which can be found at the base of the gate. Sliding gates require less complicated motors as they simply have to swing the gate open and closed.

  • Automatic Gate Openers
  • Driveway Gate Openers
  • Iron Gate Openers
  • Security Gate Openers
  • Swing Gate Openers
  • Sliding Gate Openers

Gate Openers Houston – Two Gates Or One

If you have one large piece for your gate you could eventually get away with a single gate opener. Gates that have dual swing gates require more complicated openers. And they have a motor that can simultaneously open each side of the gate. If you have a dual swing gate. It’s important to remember that you could be spending a bit more money on a gate opener. The effect is extremely desirable however.

Gate Openers Houston – The Weight Of Your Gate

Most gate openers are designed to work with a certain weight. If you have wrought iron fence or a wrought iron gate for example. It is important to get an opener that can easily handle the strain and swing. Using a high-quality gate opener will also ensure that the gate opener will act as designed. And will continue to function for a long life span.

Thus avoiding the need for gate opener repair in the future. Keep some of these ideas in mind for gate openers. And remember to trust the professionals for the installation as well as selecting the best gate opener for your needs.


As well as handling the process of designing & installing gate openers Houston TX. Our team can also deliver driveway gate repair, fabrication, & installation. We are extremely skilled at the installation of driveway gates for homes & businesses. A good gate should showcase of beautiful look as well as provide security for your home.

A gate that is extremely secure may look fairly cold. And potentially close to what a prison gate may look like. However a driveway gate that is visually appealing will showcase not only security but look great in the process. You could consider adding your family name to the gate, putting a picture or animal that means a lot to you on the gate or whole host of other options.

Sentry garage door & gate 5 star review icon

“Arrived On Time and Quick – Couldn’t ask for more.. Called in to get my gate fixed.. Quickly arrived on time, fixed my gate which was minor, then the tech said they fixed garage doors to, looked at my doors and tuned them up as well! Will use again on either doors and my gate!”

See All Google Reviews June 10, 2016

Driveway Gates Houston – Lock It Up

A driveway gate needs a way to lock and open. A good driveway gate can not only keep that solicitors from your doorstep but you should be able to easily open it to let people that you want to come into your property, easily make their way into your property. Installing a gate with an intercom can be a lengthy process but if you have an automated iron gate system it can be much more convenient for you let people it.

Types Of Houston Driveway Gates

The two basic types of driveway gates are swing Gates and slide gets. A swinging gate will swing open on various hinge posts away from the incoming traffic to the property. A slide gate will slowly slide away off to the side allowing easy entry. Building a sliding track into the fence area can minimize the look of the gate while it is open. The gate can also lock in a doubled up position and hide behind your fence. Keep some of these options in mind if you are considering a driveway gate.

Gate Openers Houston – Driveway Gate Repair Service

At Sentry Houston garage and gate we often face repair issues when it comes to gate openers and locks. We know there is nothing more frustrating than a broken gate opener. Our clients often experience issues with automated gate openers. We perform replacement or do a check for a variety of potential gate openers Houston repair service issues. The process of installing an automatic electric gate is not particularly easy. With our help you can repair even the most complicated gate openers.


Low Temperatures:
When the temperatures dip down in Houston there can always be problems with gate openers. Sometimes a gate can freeze or the batteries inside the motor can run down. We can fix this issue as well is make recommendations on how you should proceed in cold weather.

Gate Not Reacting:
If the breaker has been switched or the outlet to the motor has become unplugged, you could have issues opening your gate. On occasion remote controls can also break on gates and we can come in to provide service.

The Gate Stops At The Wrong Spot:
If your gate is stopped at the wrong spot you could consider changing the limits. Or call us to have us set the correct place for your gate to open within the control.

Gate Will Not Close:
If your date doesn’t close this does not offer security for your property. We can check your gate arm for physical damage as well as check on the wheel bearings. This is to see if there is any issues of breakage or problems. Rather than suffer through various mechanical issues. Contact us today and we can sort out a solution for your gate repair.

Driveway Gate Making Beeping Noise:
If the gate continues to beep or send alerts this could be as a result of obstructions. Obstructions, or potentially a low battery situation. We can make gate repair adjustments to your gate and discover where the issue lies so that you can open and close your gate with confidence again.

Gate Opener Brands

  • Aleko Operators
  • Apollo Operators
  • BFT Operators
  • Door King Operators
  • Eagle Gate Operators
  • Elite Gate Operators
  • Linear Operators
  • LiftMaster Operators
  • Mighty Mule Operators
  • Linear Operators
  • Viking Gate Operators
  • US Automatic Operators


We are the areas leading authority for garage doors, garage door openers, & garage door repair. Our fully bonded and insured professionals are in your neighborhood & ready to take your call. All of our technicians are fully trained to service and install all major manufacturers. Including LiftMaster, Apollo, Ramset, USAutomatic, Elite, Platinum, Eagle, & DKS. Call Sentry Houston today at (281) 520-3984!

Houston Garage Door Repair

Sentry Houston garage door, gate, & fence company is responsible for performing a number of different repair and maintenance tasks on a wide range of make and model garage doors. As a group of service professionals working in the garage door field we can very quickly identify a number of different issues that could be keeping your garage door from working correctly. Although we treat every client as a unique situation, we handle a number of common fixes regularly. Here’s some of the top reasons why your garage door may be broken:
Batteries In Your Garage Door Opener:
Batteries in your receiver: one of the first things that you should check before contacting a service professional is the batteries in your garage door opener.

A garage or transmitter requires the appropriate power in order to work and without a working battery inside your remote, you could be missing out on the chance to open your garage door regularly.

The photo eye in your opener is not aligned properly: To the side of your garage door are two sensors which are also called photo eyes. They create a beam of light that prevents the garage door from closing when they are broken.

Sometimes they can get a little bit dirty or fall out of alignment. Making an effort to adjust them and potentially give them a light cleaning can ensure that your garage door will close once again.
Out Of Alignment Garage Door Track:
At Sentry Houston Garage Door & Gate we know sometimes a garage door track can fall out of alignment. This can cause issues when it comes to your garage or actually moving. It is best to contact the service professional if you happen to see the rollers are the rail bent.

Less Control Over Opening:
If your garage or randomly closes or opens there could be an issue with your receiver. We can work at finding you a replacement.

Garage Door Only Closes Part Way:
Garage doors have a mechanism which can reverse them to prevent the chances of damage when objects fall into the path of the garage door. If dust or debris buildup in the track this can prevent the rollers from moving and it is best to clean the matter call a service professional.

Garage Door Will Not Open:
If your garage door won’t open remember the garage door can be much heavier than you may think. If the springs in the door break, it can be very difficult to actually open up the door. Contact Sentry Houston Garage Door & Gate if you feel as though the springs may be broken are your door will not lift.

Door Opener Is Running But Door Will Not Open:
If the automatic garage door opener is continuing to run but it won’t actually open your door, you could consider opening and closing door manually. The switch on the rope that leads to your automatic door opener could have become unhooked but there is a way to reattach the hook and secure it. Either call a service professional or attempt to reattach the hook yourself.

Garage Door Closes Too Quickly:
If your garage door closes to quickly and create a large bang when it does close is a very good chance that a broken tension spring could be an issue with your door. When working with broken springs or tables it’s always best to have a professional come out to your location.

Automatic Garage Door Opener Does Not Run Long Enough:
If the door is closed and the motor is continuing to lift without movement there could be an issue with the springs, obstacles in the track or a possibility is the lock to your garage door has been activated accidentally. Keep some of these top issues in mind for why your garage or may not open and remember to contact Sentry Houston Garage Door & Gate in the event of a major repair.

Check Garage Door Opener Safety Sensor:
If your garage door opener isn’t working you also may want to consider the safety sensors which are located on the side of your garage door. If the sensors happened to be blocked there could be a chance that your garage door is simply detecting something in the way as the garage opens and closes. Clean off the lens with a dry cloth or consider checking the wires attached to the sensor. If the issue seems to be severe you should contact one of our staff members immediately to come out and look at the sensor.


As well as providing repair services for a variety of residential clients across Houston. We are proud to provide residential garage door installation services as well. It’s important to remember that a garage door can take up quite a large space within your home and dictate the way that your home looks. A garage door actually plays a big part in the curb appeal of your home and its resale value. Here are some top considerations to keep in mind when buying a residential garage door:

Visual Aesthetics:
Having quality curb appeal and putting your home’s resale value in perspective is very important. A garage door equates to a big impact with the appearance of your home. A garage door could potentially take up to 30% of the front of your home. Replacing residential garage doors can actually lead to a greater asking price for your home.

Garage Door Style:
There are many different options available for your new garage door. And a plethora of different manufacturers. Each one will have many design options. Different window patterns, colors and potentially even materials for their garage door installation. At Sentry Houston garage door and gate we are proud to offer a wide selection of garage doors. Put together some style ideas that you enjoy and our experts can work at narrowing down the best options for your home.

Visualize Your New Garage Door:
Many manufacturers including Wayne-Dalton and Overhead Door Corp can help you to visualize what their door installations may look like on your home. Using these modern design tools, you can get an idea of just what style works best with the home you have.

The Level Of Protection Needed:
There are many styles of doors each with their own layers of insulation. A single layer garage door is light weight and very low cost but it does not have the same insulation value as double layer or premium style garage doors. Most premium garage doors have inner and outer layers made of wood or steel with fiberglass as well as a thick layer of polyurethane insulation. These garage doors insulate almost as well as the exterior of your home.

Houston Garage Door Materials:
There are varying materials which can change the price of your garage door but also the visual design of your garage door. Some prefer aluminum and glass, some prefer fiberglass, some prefer steel where as others are interested in a full wood construction garage door. There are even vinyl and composite wood style garage doors as well for the look of aluminum or wood with far less maintenance and concerns. Therefore each of these types of materials has its own advantages or disadvantages so it is up to you the amount of maintenance that you want to perform and the look that you want for your home.

Garage Door Cost:
Cost is still a very big part of a garage door installation. It is important to remember that you don’t need a garage door opener immediately. If you feel as though you could go a few months manually opening your garage door. You could work at saving a bit of money upfront. Keep in mind that there are more expensive materials. Such as wood, aluminum and fiberglass. This can drive the cost of your garage door up. Double layer or premium layer garage doors are also considerably more expensive due to the extra materials that are required to make up the garage door construction. Way some of the costs and consider the benefits that a well-insulated garage door could potentially bring you in energy savings as well.

Commercial Overhead Doors Houston

There are some distinct differences between a commercial overhead door versus a residential garage door. The staff at Houston garage and gate are available for commercial garage doors and commercial overhead door installation. Here are some of the main differences between a residential garage doors and a commercial grade door:

Size Needed:
A commercial grade garage door can be much larger than a residential garage door. Residential garage doors are usually a standard 7 feet high. But the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to commercial garage doors.

Custom Looks:
Commercial garage doors can have more customization because they have much larger motors and openers. Using aftermarket glass panels, different materials and various insulating qualities can really improve the look of a commercial door. As well as improve its function for a particular business.

Commercial Door Cost:
Due to the added materials as well as the larger sized motor that could be needed to lift the garage door. Commercial overhead doors often carry a much larger cost. This is due to all of the extra work involved and the larger material costs for production.

Commercial Door Strength:
We know many commercial garage doors are designed for loading and unloading trucks. As well as offering easy access for large vehicles to come into a factory for example. With all of these larger demands and heavy equipment a commercial garage door needs to be built to last. While it’s advised to treat a commercial overhead door with respect and care. Many of the top manufacturers produce heavier gauge materials. Because they need to stand up to such heavy equipment.

Contact Sentry for all your garage door & gate openers Houston service & repair needs. And don’t forget to ask about our garage door & gate 100% satisfaction guarantee.