The Most Common Electric Gate Problems

The introduction of the electric gate was welcomed with open arms by people far and wide who were sick of constantly getting in and out of their car to get to their own driveway. However, as great as it is, very occasionally, technology fails us all. Here are a list of the most common electric gate repair issues that are likely to affect your gate.

The Gate Won’t Open Or Close

Automatic driveway gates have sensors. Much like if you walk past an automatic door it will open as you pass, or won’t close if you stand too near, your electric gate will just refuse to work if something is in the way. For example, a plant could have grown into the path of the sensors and need trimming.

The tracks in a sliding gate are especially in need of being kept clear so that the gate doesn’t get stuck. It can be useful to sweep the area around the gate frequently to prevent this.

The Gate Only Works If Someone Is Standing In Front Of It

This is a common problem in electric gates that are experiencing interference from outside. Interference can come from radio stations, airports, or military bases. These things can all emit signals that will interfere with the one you are trying to communicate to your gate. If this is the case you will need to get hold of a special antenna and receiver that will be able to ignore outside noise in order to stop this problem from continuing.

The Gate Opens Out the Wrong Way

A common problem with swing gates. And another issue that is often down to obstruction of the tracks. Check that the area around the gate is frequently cleared and free from debris.

The Gate Won’t Open or Close All The Way

In a sliding gate, this is most commonly due to loose racking that is no longer in contact with the output gear of the motor. This can happen due to unstable ground, or nearby tree roots growing underneath the gate. Electric gates are very complicated to install. So it is recommended that if this is the issue with your gate, you get in contact with an electric gate repair specialist rather than risk potentially damaging the gate further by attempting a DIY job.

Gate Locks Keep Jamming

Particularly if your gate is very wide, sometimes the weather can cause the gate posts to move. This in turn can cause the electronic locks to jam. If you experience this issue, particularly after wet heavy rainfall, then you will need to get either sturdier gate posts, or an alternative locking system.

The Remote Control isn’t Working Properly

First, check the batteries of the remote. This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how often this is the root of the problem. If that doesn’t work, your remote has probably come to the end of its working life. You may need to contact the manufacturer to get hold of a new one and have it programmed correctly.

Simple Electric Gate Problems – There Is No Power

Just like the power in your home can short and you may need to flip a switch to turn it back on. The same can happen to your electric gate without the rest of your home cutting out too. So rather than act with haste. Make sure that the power is actually on, to save yourself an embarrassing encounter with an electric gate repair expert.

Simple Electric Gate Problems – Infestations

When the heat of the summer becomes unbearable, your gate may become a sanctuary for a variety of critters. They can stop the gate from opening and closing as it should. So long as it’s safe for you to do so, you can rectify the issues by destroying nests and frequently cleaning/scaring away creatures from the automated components of your gate such as sensors or control boxes.

Simple Electric Gate Problems – Manual Mode

Occasionally you will probably need to manually open/close your gate. For example, if there is a power outage. Switching your gate to manual release mode to do so will make sure you don’t cause damage to the automated systems.

It is probably best to check that you know how to do this before you need to.

If you have tried the suggestions in this article and are still experiencing one of these electric gate problems, then it is recommended you contact a professional electric gate repair company to help you resolve the problem efficiently and safely.