How to Choose a Top Security Gate

It’s fair to say that security experts agree that any space is most secure with a security gate. The majority of burglars gain access to premises through a gate, whether that is by climbing over it or by breaking into it. This is a poor choice tactically speaking, because gates tend to be at the front of a property, lit, and fairly public. All places that a burglar should want to avoid, yet, this is the route they opt for because it is the easiest way to gain entry. Because we know this is the typical tact of a burglar, we must make the right security gate choices to protect our properties from burglars.

Security Gate Choices

It’s difficult to discuss Houston security gates without including fences in the conversation. This is because many gates serve as the entry point of a fence. So, the main characteristics of any gate are determined by the fence. In the case that a gate is covering a door, the door will determine the characteristics of the gate.

Since you’re reading this, we’re going to assume that you’re beyond choosing fences and doors, what you’re interested in now is what security gate is right for your existing door or fence. There are a variety of issues you will want to consider when you are choosing a top security gate, including:

  • Budget – Obviously, the price of the gate itself is important, but you should also consider what type of long-term maintenance will be required.
  • Local Aesthetic – You don’t want your property to stick out like a sore thumb, so it would be wise to take a look at the security gates in use around the neighborhood to ensure that your choice blends in with the local aesthetic.
  • Crime Rate – If your area experiences a high level of break-ins, then you’ll want to pay more attention to what security aspects are offered by the gate itself.
  • Children – When you have small children, or pets, they play in the yard. Naturally, in the course of play their toys can spill onto the street, and kids tend to chase after their stray ball or Frisbee. A security gate can help prevent tragic accidents from occurring.
  • Privacy – Privacy is important, whether it’s for your yard, pool, or a business property. You should focus your attentions on a gate that make it difficult to get a look in from the outside. A gate which is tall and dense.
  • Style of Home – A security gate can serve an ornamental purpose in addition to the functional value. Your Houston driveway gate should blend well with your house or property, and the landscape. For instance, if you live in an ultra-modern home, an antique style gate isn’t going to suit the aesthetic. If your home is a Victorian style then a white, plastic gate isn’t going to look right.

Types of Security Gate Choices

Residential gates can be split into two types: pedestrian and driveway. Regardless of the type of gate you are looking for, you should consider the access control, and the physical element of the gate.

Access Controls

This is a generalized term and covers a wide range of solutions and products which are designed to provide access only to people authorized to enter. The simplest and most traditional access control is a lock a key. These are suited for pedestrian gates, but not for driveways. For driveways, the preferred method of access control would be an automatic entry system, whether it’s a remote control or a pin code entry.

Physical Elements

This includes size, style, and color. The gate style should match the rest of the aesthetic, and must respect the design, as well as provide function. When it comes to the design this will be down to personal taste, and the look of your property and the neighborhood.

It’s the functional element which is critical. Whether you want a security gate that provides additional privacy, or not. If your yard will be surrounded by a strong security fence, then the gate must be just as difficult to break through, penetrate, or climb over. There is no point to having a strong security fence if your gate is the weak point.

A top security gate doesn’t provide footholds, it’s tall, strong, and has a high-quality lock. After all, the purpose of a security gate is that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to breach. We know burglars prefer to gain access through a gate, so it’s crucial that you think about your security gate choices.